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Entered By: Gerardo
Entry Date: 2009-03-17 23:38:57
Subject: From Gerardo

Hi, I go for dialysis three times a week.  I am doing better.  I go to dialysis because I have kidney failure.  I hope I get better.  I have made a lot of friends in dialysis, and the nurses in dialysis are very nice.  I go to dialysis with Antonio in the bus, and sometimes in the car.   I am doing some school when I do not have dialysis.   Daddy was gone for twelve days but he is coming home today.  I hope that they get home safely.  A friend of Daddy is getting them from the airport, Nacho is his name.   We have a new calf.  We have a lot of pigs.  We have chickens and turkeys.  We have a machine that can make cana juice (cane juice) for the cows.  Jose the Welder made this machine.  We also  have a laguna (pond).  In it are a lot of little fish, tilapia.   We went to the beach.  We have much fun.  We played basketball and volleyball.  The other boys did break dancing in the sand.  I ran on the beach because I could not swim.  I could not get my port wet.   I made big holes on the beach until I found water.  I picked a lot of shells and cool rocks.  I shared my room with Fernando and Arnol.  We played cards and buried people in the sand.   Thank you very much, Gerardo
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