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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2009-04-03 10:05:00
Subject: Friday April 03, 2009

Today is a bit involved. We have a parent meeting at David's school. It is not time for grades, so they are probably looking for more money from parents since the government does not pay the teachers what they say they will. This happens all the time here. Teachers will go six months without pay and then start a strike for their pay. Until then, the parents pay out of pocket for teacher salaries in the form of one fee or another. There is also another parent meeting at Arnol and Reynaldo's school. This one is about grades, although they are also short funding as it is a missionary's school rather than a public school like David's. I need to bring Faith's cat (Kitsy) back to the veterinarian for some follow up on her spaying from the week before. For some odd reason, she started producing milk after she had her operation. This tore her skin where the stitches were. The vet took the bandages off yesterday and Kitsy lost a lot of blood. She's done nothing but sleep and wobble to better sleeping spots since she returned from the vet. She needs to go back today and tomorrow and it doesn't look like that will be the end of it. Today will be her sixth trip to the vet since being spayed. Yes, I have had animals spayed before in America and it was a day for the operation and return for removing stitches. So, I know this is odd. Still, it does seem like the vet knows a bit more than the average veterinarian around here. Many people call themselves veterinarians in the area, meaning that they know what kind of medicines might help for certain problems. By no means does it mean they've had formal training nor education. Before all of this we need to sneak in some schooling of our own with the children at the house. Sometime today I am supposed to pick up Walter from the Air Force Academy as they will only release him to me (some sort of contractual thing). I don't know when I am supposed to pick him up but last I heard the departure time was 4 AM. Rather than spend my day waiting at a gate based on secondhand information, I am waiting for a call from Walter. The cadets get Semana Santa (Holy Week) off to celebrate with their families. Semana Santa is a bigger and longer holiday here than Christmas. There is a lot of swimming, vacation, driving and police roadblocks to check driver intoxication levels. I generally prefer to not leave the farm during Semana Santa. But then again, I'd prefer to NEVER leave the farm. This morning, a contractor is coming to give us a revised bid for the new home. The architect changed some things, which the contractor said will make it more expensive. Another contractor is coming over sometime today as well for the same reason. I'm not sure, but there is a good chance both contractors will be here at the same time as nothing in Honduras is quick. I just caught a fly between my thumb and index finger while it was flying, without looking. Flies are thick right now. I'm not sure if it's just the season or the six ton pile of chicken manure in the Mennonite field right next to us is having a multiplicative effect on pest populations. Happy Holy Week!

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