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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-04-04 11:59:08
Subject: Things are moving!

Hope this update finds you well and rejoicing in the abundant life the Father has given us!  We are a blessed people, saved by his grace, and called to walk in newness of life.   Gerardo made it through his solid week of dialysis!  Please pray with us that his blood pressure will come up, now it is too low.  This makes it very difficult for them to administer the needed dialysis.  He was very glad to come  home, back to gringo cooking. Today is Rolman's 20th birthday.  We celebrate life with him.  I am so thankful that God holds us in  his hand and that we are never beyond the shadow of his wings.  Rolman is such a blessing to us.  He is responsible, handles challenges, and respects the authority God has put over him.  He is learning about walking the life of a true believer.  I am thankful for the relationships he has with other adults that speak into his life.   Right now everyone is working on planting the new moras that are springing up and the new banana trees.  Watering is a daily work.  All of the new piglets are doing well.  Another new fenced off pig area was finished yesterday.  They are really doing well being outside.   Their hams are developing nicely!  Betcha didn't think I knew what a developing ham was?!   Today Mark and Jose are out buying the materials for the building of our home.  The work really begins Monday.  We received a bid we are comfortable with on the foundation, so Monday they move forward.  Please pray for us in all areas of this.  It is never completely easy doing such work in a different tongue.  The contractor we have hired for the foundation speaks only Spanish.  So far we are doing well.   Mark seems to do very well in Spanish regarding things of the farm and construction, he knows the vocabulary.  The contractor has also worked with North Americans before and with groups from North America.  He is a young man, still going to collegio (like Rolman) on the weekend.  I admire him for that, because he is a skilled by experience contractor.  He wants to finish his education and go to school for electrical work.  His name is Luis.   Some specific prayer requests for the building: Communication Funds Favor in the buying of materials Good workers   Work done in a timely manner At the beginning of the week I was so blessed to participate in a mini conference in Tegucigalpa.  A dear friend here had a visiting friend from the states and she shared with us on Hope.  The word was so concise and clear, so given by God.  All attending were blessed and received a special touch from the Lord.  I was also so blessed to be able to join with her in praying over the people there for the time.  I think one of my very favorite things to do and be a part of is prayer.  To see the Lord minister to his children, to hear him speak a word for them, to see the life that he gives in these special ministry times is so rewarding and exalts His Name.   Thank you Lord, Barbara, and Leslie for this special opportunity.  Blessings to you precious ladies of Tegucigalpa.   This past week one of the ladies in our bible study opened her home for a week of prayer.  It was wonderful to be able to go and join together in prayer specifically over the lady missionaries serving in our city.   Believe that God has called us together for a specific purpose and that we will see Him move.  We are expectant!   I want you to rejoice with me in what we see God doing: Thank you Lord for blessing the work of our hands on the farm with fruit and meat. Thank you Lord for giving the provision to build a house for Ada and her family. Thank you Lord for the provision of water you have given here, that is being used to bless the neighborhood in a time with no running water.   Thank you for giving Gerardo life and continued healing. Thank you for blessing Hannah with ballet class and a new friend. Thank you Lord for our friends here in Siguatepeque. Thank you Father for the provision of laborers and life givers in groups this summer. We rejoice Lord, that daily you feed us with your word and encourage us.   Thank you Lord for those that have come and blessed us with encouragement and teaching.   This next week we are thankful to have a week off of school and time together in Semana Santa, or the Holy Week.  Walter will be home, the boys off of school, and we will have time to play and work together.  I look forward to sewing, working in the flowers and garden, and playing SkipBo with the kids. It will also give us time to visit with people in the community and friends here.   Thank you for loving us here, thank you for praying with us, thank you for your support. We have a Faithful God, and I pray that this week you meet with Him in a new way.   Blessings to you, Paula
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