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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2009-04-30 17:31:22
Subject: Blackberries for Sale

    We had no idea. Someday we'll have to buy us one of those new fangled gadgets called television so we can keep up with current events. I was just reading today that there must be some sort of shortage of those delictable little fruits that in Honduras we call moras. In America, you call them blackberries. We've been growing, transplanting and bucket watering our blackberries since the beginning of the dry season. We've been raising blackberries for over two years. Now we hear they are selling for hundreds of dollars, EACH! Some people make monthly payments on these berries because they can't afford to buy one outright.      I can't believe it! We have hundreds, perhaps thousands of these little berries with many more to come. We are pursuing an export license as fast as we can, hoping to take advantage of the current surge in prices. You never know when the frenzy might end. We thought about smuggling some of the berries back to the US in the luggage of our visitors, but customs will not allow them. I'm thinking there is some unfair trade practices that are keeping fruit prices artificially high in America. Still, we are determined to get our fruit into America so that we can help satisfy the demand as well as fund the ministry for the next century or so.      What's entirely unbelievable, but a true testament to the ingenuity of Americans, is that people have learned to send and receive email on these tiny fruits. My friend Joe Baugh sends me an email from his blackberry every couple weeks. I've still not figured this out, but I'm sure there is information somewhere on the Internet. We usually just make pies or jelly with our blackberries, but I'd love to send email from them while we're baking.
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