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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-05-14 00:23:27
Subject: May 13/Updates

Mark and John had been watching the smoke coming from the back, possibly across the river, for a day or so.  This evening it seemed much closer, and in two patches.  When you went to the back of the property the smoke was thick and you could here the popping of the fires.  Rolman called the people that live back in that direction, caretakers for a dr.'s property and asked if everything was OK.  They said, yes, there is a fire, but they think it will be ok.  As the night and the smoke went on, we wanted to go and see if things really were ok.  Now, this will be my version, seen through my distorted grid!  Mark's may be different, the men that were there may tell the story a different way.  We arrived to find a good number of men.  Santos, the caretaker had a water pack on his back and was spraying.  This is a container that you wear like a backpack to spray insecticides, fertilizers, etc.  So a very small stream.  Other men were standing around with machetes, talking about how bad it was and what should be done.  Rolman (who was with us) very quickly goes through the barbed wire, yanks up a piece of brush with leaves and starts beating out the fire.  Soon others join.  Mark and John also cross the fence and start beating.  In a short time the fire is out.  As we are leaving the scene I see more men coming out of the brush.  I am wondering what they were doing??? Someone tells us that the fire was started across the river by someone smoking.  I don't know if this is how it really started.  The fire could have really been bad if it had continued.  We were concerned looking on from our property.   The fire dept., of course, was never called.  And honestly I wonder how long people would have looked on, watching it catch tall pines trees up in fire, if Rolman hadn't started beating it out.   I hope I don't sound jaded, I really don't mean to, but it was a very odd thing to step into.  Timothy, our youngest, said, "Rolman put out the fire, he saved the day.  Mom, why did no one else try to put out the fire before Rolman?"   I thought about it while standing there watching the action and while coming home.  I guess it always takes someone to start.   Tonight Gerardo and Antonio are stuck in traffic coming home from dialysis in Tegucigalpa.  A rapidito (van used as a bus for travel here) collided with an 18 wheeler on the highway.  They are behind the accident in a large bus.  Sometimes Gerardo and Antonio travel in the rapidito.  They have called us and they are ok.  We pray for their protection, safety, and rapid return.  Always an adventure.  Gerardo will have quite the testimony one day.  You can't take for granted every time he returns home safely from dialysis.   The blocking of our house is in full swing.  I am so thankful we live right here because we are catching the "little mistakes" as they happen.  Things like where windows and walls should be.  Luis, the "contractor" (of sorts), told me, "Here in Honduras, all windows start at 45 inches." (Well that isn't exactly how it went - but I doubt you want the thirty minute conversation it took us to get to him converting it to 45 inches from block, to meters, to inches.)  I thought, Hmmm.  I went in and called a friend and asked about windows.  I worked up my courage (Mark wasn't here- but the block was mounting up) and went back out and said I didn't want my windows to start at 45 inches, very nicely.  I had my tape measure and showed him where I would prefer them, he said, "Really, I have never seen that."  A compromise was reached (not because he was difficult, but because 3 lines of block were already up). The guys seem to think nothing of just knocking out some block to fix it!   Luis, the contractor, is very young, but has learned from his father and his uncle.  He comes recommended by another friend and the architect.  He is finishing his last year of high school on the weekends (same school as Rolman).  He then wants to go on to school to be an electrician.  I am very impressed with his work ethic and the way he has the workers clean up after themselves.  It is also neat to see neighborhood guys hired to do the work, especially when you know they truly need the work.  You can really see the rooms and things starting to take shape.   Something we all groaned about though; we know that funds are limited and so are ok with  the fact that tile for the floor (we hoped to have a "finished" cement, but believe it or not, that cost was very high) , and finishing out the walls (repello and pulido-stuff that goes over the cinder block) are things that will have to wait and we can move in anyway, no problem, all just happy to have a little space.......until we looked out and saw the block and floor sprayed with black spray paint denoting where all the doors, windows, and electric line go!  Oh well!  We are so thankful for what we have.   Mark went and bought the plumbing fixtures for Ada's home.  Dave Hill came and fixed some things up and started on bunk beds for her family.  Now we need to have the windows done, fixtures installed, shower lip put in, electricity run in, some painting, and then they can move in.   The ground is being prepared to put in the next round of the garden.  We have had enough rain to soften it up to clean it up and till in more organic matter.  We have rain almost every night for a little over a week.   We have a cow that seems as though she will give birth in the next day or so, and even more new piglets.   I am thankful to God for the farm, the children, His grace, provision, and the opportunity to grow and learn.   Blessings to you and your family, Paula

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