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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-05-14 21:23:28
Subject: Calling All Prayer Warriors! For Gerardo

This evening Mark felt prompted to go and visit Gerardo's mother one more time to see if she would go for the testing to see if she is compatible.  At the hospital here they are saying that if we have a donor, they want to do the transplant this year!   Mark knocked and knocked, they were there, but they would not answer.   Then a group of ladies walked up and asked if we were looking for the lady (Ada also), and instructed Mark to walk around back with them.  He followed.  I waited a few minutes, considering if I should go in also.  I went in.  Before I cleared the corner of the house I was crying, my heart thumping, praying she would hear our heart and be willing to go.  By the time I got to her, I was a wreck.  She literally thought I was crazy.  She laughed at me, put all the blame on us, and on and on.  But I poured out my heart concerning Gerardo, the seriousness of the situation, and my lack of understanding of her response to him and his need.  Tears, horrible Spanish, fear, anger, all of it came out.  The group of ladies looked on.  As Mark talked with her, I shared with the ladies the situation.  When we walked in behind them I had a picture in my mind.  The picture of how some micro finance groups handle their giving and collecting of money-in peer groups.  So I did the same.  The ladies joined in talking to her.  Sure, they thought I was out of my tree also, but I think they heard the bottom line - no matter how pitiful this white woman is, no matter how Gerardo feels about you (the mother), no matter what has happened in the past, this is a life and he needs you.  The family came out and gave their input - definitely against her helping.  After about 30 minutes, she agreed to go with me, Gerardo, and Antonio tomorrow to see if testing can start.   Please pray.  Pray she will be willing come tomorrow.  Pray the drs. will be willing to start. Pray for our safety in travel.   We need to see an open heaven on this one.  There are so many obstacles that can stand in the way.  I know if this is God's will and God's timing, they are but dust.  I trust Him with Gerardo's life.  But I am still a mother!   Paula
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