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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-05-18 23:37:44
Subject: Latest with Gerardo

Warning:  For any of this to make sense you will have to read a previous journal regarding Gerardo and his mother (titled:  Calling all Prayer Warriors) OK, all of this is still fresh and much raw emotion, so I will try to be very to the point.   We learned Thursday night from the dr. that the mother of Gerardo would need an updated blood test, not done at the hospital before they would see her.  Also that the dr. would schedule an appt. with the psychologist for the mother for Monday.  We had already had the blood test done before, but needed a newer one (just a blood type - doesn't change does it?).  We had also met with the psychologist, but again.  So Friday morning I pick up Gerardo's mother and off we go to the lab for the blood test.  She was very understanding, and had a friend and boyfriend with her.  Jose was with me, I was thankful.  That hurdle crossed.  Set for Monday morning.  This morning all out of Siguatepeque before 6am.  Gerardo is with us for dialysis, Jose to help with all matters, and Gerardo's mom.  We arrive at the hospital on time and wait a few hours for the dr. to see us.  She then says we didn't need the blood test, and that the psychologist will not be in until later.  She suggests that we come back in the morning by 7 am.  I walk out of the office defeated.  Jose enters with the mother.  The dr. really lays into her.  Even I felt very bad for her.   She so valiently says, "I understand and I am here now."  Jose stays to talk to the dr.  He explains the whole long story of Gerardo's life, the mother, how she sells tortillas by contract so she can't miss work,  our family here, etc.  She seems to have compassion and says that they will do the testing as quickly as they can to help Gerardo. She also said we could forgo the pyschologist since she could tell we were all serious about this.  Before she believed that we had just "bought" someone.  She doesn't know our finances, does she ???!!!!!  But honestly they have had problems with people doing all the testing, find out they are compatible, and then not donate the kidney.  In the past the hospital had grants for the testing, and so this money was wasted.  Unfortunatley now it seems that the grant money is gone so all the testing will need to be paid for, unless I misunderstood something today.  My head was swimming in Spanish.   SOOOO.... back again tomorrow to Teguc. by 7 am.  Gerardo's mother will stay the day doing all the testing they can do and will need to spend the night to be back by 7 am for more.   The testing starts with more bloodwork, a complete physical exam, ultrasounds of different parts of her body, dental exam, etc.   We thank you for your prayers in these matters.  Specifically pray that Gerardo's mother will have the strength, patience, and sound mind to do this.  Honestly, working with the hospital takes an incredible amount of patience.  Pray for the finances of all of the testing, transportation, hotel stays, food, etc.  We also ask that if you can donate to this you please do so.  I can't imagine a more worthy cause.  Pray for the provision for the family of the mother while she is doing all of this.  Pray that the drs. will be gracious and merciful.  Pray that this will open the door for a relationship between Gerardo and his mother.   Today Gerardo looked into his mother's eyes for the first time and said thank you.   Our God is amazing beyond compare.  Absolutely nothing compares to the beauty of the love of our Father.  He always has our complete restoration at heart.   Paula
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