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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-05-25 13:26:39
Subject: Monday May 25, 2009

This morning Mark drove off into the pre-sunrise, 3:45am  to get Gerardo's mom and to Tegucigalpa by 7 am to resueme testing.  The drs. would prefer her to be there 1 week straight for all the test, but just not possible.   Please pray for their safety in driving home.  Last week our truck incurred over $400 damage with the driving conditions (huge holes in the road, semi ran our truck off the road and into the hole).   Please pray for protection over the people in our neighborhoods also.  We have a band of guys that are robbing, breaking into homes in the night, and leaving the communities petrified.  Saturday night the gang broke into a missionary's home and shot the husband.  The husband is recovering in the hospital from a bullet through the lung.  There has been much of this going on, but this is the first gun shot to a person that we know of.  We are so thankful that man is recovering.  These situations also open up and show the darkness and corruption of our police and city officials.  We just ask for your prayers over all these things.  Enough is enough!   The septic is being put together for Ada's home.  They are getting ready to put up the beams for the second floor in our home. The garden is getting a work over for planting (tilling and fertilizing). Reynaldo and Arnol finish their final week of school this week.  Today they are celebrating Dia de La Familia, Day of the Family, at school.  Reynaldo is receiving an award, I will share about that after we find out what it is!  Fernando went to celebrate with them today.  I was very sad that I couldn't attend, and I could tell the school wasn't happy with me either.  It is not easy with 14 children, homeschool, and one of those children being chronically ill.  I pray for God's grace to cover what I can not always be and do.  I am genuinally sorry that I can't make every meeting and function at the school.   I know I am not enough, that hurts.  But I know He is.   I hope I can  give grace in these types of situations and not judge what someone else can or can not do, what someone can or can not be.   Blessings to your families, Paula

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