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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-05-26 15:44:22
Subject: We Rejoice! And again I say Rejoice!

We were told yesterday that if Gerardo's mother is a match when the tests are done, the transplant will be withing 15 days!  Some children have waited years, we ask "Why?".  Because Honduras has never had the money to do this before, just now have the grants and donations been given to do this.  "Just now" do we have the drs. that can handle this.  Just now.  So Gerardo, who more than likely they say, has had this illness since a toddler age, who has lived a very normal, healthy life until recently, is sick now, just now.  Our God is mighty to save.   On the crime front....plots have deepened more than we can imagine.  But the short story is that Mark and others who have been victimized are at the police station giving report, giving photos of the attackers, and information as to where the attackers live.  I wish you lived here to know the absolute breakthrough that this is, it is like a heaven split wide open.  We pray that we continue to see favor and have a voice.  Yes, it is dangerous, also more than we can imagine, but this is a "just now" time also.  When this all comes to a head and some measure of justice is served, we pray it will be a beacon to the Hondurans that are so afraid.  We pray it will show the Lord as the light on a hill.  If justice is not served, they will see that we were not overcome with fear,  solely because of our God.  What happens here is a mindset that we really can't completely grasp, one so different than our culture. So we rejoice!  Rejoice with us, Paula
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re: We Rejoice! And again I say Rejoice!  by Jan Archer on Thursday May 28, 2009
re: We Rejoice! And again I say Rejoice!  by Stephanie Price on Tuesday May 26, 2009

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