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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2006-03-30 18:07:20
Subject: Thursday March 30, 2006

Well, I haven't journaled online since in Jan. before we left!  I guess that tells you how busy we have been.....Honestly everytime I sit down to journal, it turns into a big boohoo fest with me and God, so I thought you might not want to be included!  I would start to type and just start to pour out my heart to my Abba.  There has been a lot going on, and not all very pleasant, comfortable, or very missionaryish!   But I do know that He is always transforming us to His image if we are seeking Him and following-so it will all turn out for good.   Right now I am sitting at the table with the laptop with 5 boys next to me playing on the computer next to me.  They are finding it very easy to adjust to the new toys we brought!  Sometimes I think that the other Hondurans that work for us might find it offensive that we let the boys really enjoy playing-but honestly we love being able to share what we have been blessed with.  These boys have had  hard, hard lives.  Lives that I really can't imagine in so many ways.  They are very hard workers when directed.   Today Mark has taken Carlitos to the Evangelical hospital here to have another dr. check on Carlitos, on top of being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy yesterday, he is suffering from a terrible respiratory infection.  Mark will go back again tomorrow also to have him further looked at.  They say that the rehab he needs is only in San Pedro or Tegucigalpa, which are 3 hours away.  I am praying for someone to either want to help us by coming to stay with the boys while we take him, or offer to take him.  He want him to have every opportunity to be able to develop.  I know that God can touch him in an instant, over time, or work out many things in his precious heart over the years.  He is a jewel that we all have fallen in love with-once we got over the 8 poo-poos a day!   The many trials that we have gone through since here, I hope have strengthened our resolve to follow Christ no matter what.  Everyday, when I am sensitive to the Holy Spirit, I see so much in these boys here, and in my children.  I see that for each of them God has such a special purpose, plan, and destiny.  He knew them in the womb, He formed them to bring His name Glory, and I can't wait to see those things happen.  For my children they have been through a lot since we came, sometimes I just want to throw in the towel and pack them up to give them back the easy life.  But when we talk, they want to be here, and are genuinly happy, though homesick at times.  We know that the first year we will all be a bit down, it is hard to leave all of our family, friends, and comforts.  Sometimes I just want to throw a big pity party and watch something like Martha Stewart!   But when I call on His name, He is always faithful to meet me, remind me of His goodness and greatness towards me, and I can plow on.   I am so thankful for the dear lady that now helps us with the housework.  She has only been here 2 weeks, and she is now my friend, even though we can't talk to one another because of my lack of Spanish.  She knows just what to do, and is always willing to help me with anything.  She was so happy for me to come to meet her family and see her home.  As I left her home, which is very close to ours, I cried.  She has so little, so very poor, yet she makes her home so lovely, beautiful, and clean.  She is a christian and goes to the Episcopal church on our mountain.  She has beautiful flowers all around her home.   She has taken me to buy flowers and won't let me pick them up.  If I want to plant them, I have to sneak after she is gone, because she wants to serve me by doing it.  I try to explain that it helps my soul to dig and plant.  She only sees how angry I get at our chickens for digging it up, or eating my new roses!  Muy Malo Gallenas!   I have to go, Mark is calling for dinner!  Now that I have started, I am sure I will journal a lot! Paula
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