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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-06-18 23:16:21
Subject: Gerardo Update

Gerardo's birth mother can resume testing for compatibility.  She had an ectopic pregnancy.  Thank you for praying for her.   Now the machine to do the next test is broken at the hospital.  If it is not repaired by Saturday, they will schedule the test in San Pedro Sula for hopefully this next week.  The testing can then go on.   We are still believing that Gerardo's mother will be a match and that a transplant can happen very soon.  We believe that the testing has not been in vain.   God has a plan, and sometimes we don't know what it is!   Gerado's health has been much better, his meds have been cut way back, and he hasn't had a hospital stay in a while now.  We are so thankful for these blessings. Thank you for your continued prayer support over Gerardo and his mother, Paula
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re: Gerardo Update  by Elaine on Friday June 19, 2009

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