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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-07-09 11:16:24
Subject: Thank you/Updates

We thank you all for your prayers for Hondruas, for the letters to the leaders of the nations, and the news media.   This morning, all airports are open, the nationwide curfew has been lessened in hours, and life seems very normal.  I know there are protests in the cities, but we do not hear of "riots" or more violence.   I read this morning in a news article that Venezuela has cut off oil to us, about 20,000 barrels a day.  Currently, we read, that prices for gas will go up.  Gas here is higher than it is in the states, even though Hugo Chavez was giving us oil on a 25 year credit.  We will see what the ramifications of "isolation" are.  We pray that the government here will be strong and always towards democracy.   We are not afraid, but rather hopeful and thankful that a very corrupt leader was erradicated.   We will know on Friday if Gerardo will be able to do a necessary test on Monday.  This test has to be sent to Guatamala, so you can imagine that the politcal mess here has caused a problem.  We pray that it will not be hindered and we will be just weeks away from a transplant.  He is in good spirits right now and no further health complications.   On Tuesday afternoon we had the meeting between the city leaders/police and the community leaders.   Lets just say, LONG!   Everyone had something to say, and unfortunatly no concrete plans were made other than to meet again.  But, as a small group of missionaries, we do have a plan and will work towards furthering this.  The police and city maintain that they do not have the resources to give us help.  Many question this.  We will continue to pray and look for ways to work together.   We are enjoying a much needed school break.  The group from our church has postponed their trip due to the political climate, but will be here in late July.  We look forward to their visit.   Right now Mark and co. are at the market to sell piglets and baked goods.  We are praying for a profitable day.   Construction on all fronts marches on.  Ada's house is being tiled in the bathroom (she now has windows), our house is being repellod, roof put on, and electricty wired, the butcher house is also being repellod.  Repello is the process here by which they cover, seal, the cinder blocks.  It is a mix of cement, sand, and water.  After that process is complete they then put on the pulido, which is a finish coat of cement, cal, sand, and water.  The cal, or lime, gives it the white finish.  It is something like stucco.   When the team comes later in July they will be installing the dry wall upstairs (this is our living quarters).   We appreciate your prayers and concerns for the home here, Thank you, Paula

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