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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2009-07-24 17:57:29
Subject: July 24, 2008

The sheet metal for the roof is about halfway finished. Soon we will begin putting the framing up for the drywall upstairs. Next task is to do some plumbing upstairs.

Here is a view from up front:

The house is coming right along. The pulido (white finish) is about done also. So, we are about to wrap up the structure of la casa.

Today in Honduras the former president, Mel Zelaya, is once again threatening return. He does this every chance he gets and it's getting old. He has not succeeded in returning himself as communist dictator, but he has succeeded in keeping the tourists out and sending the missionaries packing, completely out of fear. The current administration (note, NOT "COUP", as the press is so fond of printing) is doing their best to manage the situation despite threats of economic sanctions by Central American Countries, Venezuela and the USA.

Outward pressure is costing the country plenty in terms of fear and economics. Bringing it home, we've lost our chance to see our home church for the second time. They called off the trip for fear that the airport might close. Today, Antonio drove Gerardo to dialysis before 5 AM for fear that the city would be closed off due to protests. They normally take the bus as the truck is really not in shape for the six hour round trip. Invariably we lose a tire, differential or some other repair is required to recover. Besides the fact that more is spent on gas than we would have to pay for two round trip bus fares. Antonio and Gerardo encountered no problems on the drive and saw no protests.

Sad to say, but I really have lost faith in the printed press. We are still reading about riots in the capital and unions striking for the return of the former president. It's just not happening. I never believed and never wanted to believe that the press would simply lie about the state of things. It's really disheartening to see the grip that the enemy has on the communications of this world.

God is good and we are thankful that Gerardo made it to dialysis. We are also glad that the house is coming along. I think we have just enough funding to get windows installed and the upstairs interior walls built. The first floor walls are made of cinder block as a form of support for the second floor, so those are already finished. Today and tomorrow are just a day of cleanup before the next phases of construction.

This week sold a whole pig, minus the skin, intestines and head. He was only 93 lbs. without those things and the price was $1.31/lb (25 Lempiras per pound) but we hope to establish a business relationship with the client, which in this case is a butcher shop. We have over a 100 pigs now so we've got to really start thinking SELL. Below is a photo of our "joven" (teenager) lot. These are pigs that are large enough to live out of the house, but not full grown. The full grown ones are in the next lot beyond this one. These two sizes must be separated or the large ones get all the food.


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