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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-08-06 00:25:17
Subject: Gerardo

Hello family and friends,
I know I have sent an email out before saying that Gerardo had been given the go ahead for the transplant, only to hear in the next week that there was one more test.  Even though it was just one more test, all of our hearts sank.  We thought it was so close. 
That one test was taken, sent off to the lab in Guatamala and we soon found out it had mishandled and needed to be retaken.  It was retaken last Monday.  We have joked that we needed a faster donkey this time, that the donkey needed a carrot in front of it all the way to Guatamala.  Donkey, carrot, and the blood work made it. 
Today we have the word that Gerardo's mother, Ada, is a match.  Today Gerardo was told that he would have his transplant in September.  If we understand all correctly (which please bear with us, sometimes we don't) they are saying September 1st.  
This evening when Gerardo gave the news he was happy, excited, a big smile on his face.  Last time he was afraid, worried, while we all rejoiced. 
I ask you for your prayers.  This is big.  He needs this match to be perfect.  In the past week he has seen 4 fellow dialysis receivers die.  On Monday night during bible we all cried with him for the boy and girl that had died that day, children we had gotten to know.  I can't imagine being 13, taking dialysis 3 times a week 3 hours away, and watching my dialysis friends die, children that were in the same boat I am in.   We are so thankful they are no longer in pain, but still not easy for a child to witness. 
I will keep the website updated as we know more. 
Our home church will be here August 24th - 31st.  I consider it an honor to have them anoint and pray over Gerardo before he goes in.  Such a divine appointment. 
Thank you for praying Gerardo this far through the journey.  We thank you for praying him all the way through. 
Our love,


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