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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-08-08 11:41:52
Subject: Updates and such/Just the facts!

Hello! Gerardo will start with the exams for the transplant on Monday.  This morning I received through email an article from a paper here in Honduras, a paper I have trusted thusfar.  I really appreciate the friend sending it to me, because if it were all true I think I would be looking for a hospital in the U.S. for Gerardo.  But it was so disturbing.  It was talking about how our hospitals had been militarized, how the workers were joining strikes for Mel (granted they do strike, and it is about time), even how hospitals have been abandoned.  Now I certainly can not speak for every hospital in Honduras, BUT Hospital Escuela, the largest public hospital here, is still moving on, and there is no military present.   The labs we have to use, other hospitals where tests are done, all of this has been in normal operation.  Strikes do happen.  They are so frustrating, and you wonder who is telling the truth - has the worker truly not been paid for over 6 months?  If they haven't you can understand some strikage!  We spent much time last year without sufficient medical care for Gerardo due to strikes, but not due to Mel leaving the country.   So the article really hit me hard.  Are they just printing lies with no regard for the truth?  As I said, I can't speak for every hospital, but we are really frequent users of those we use.  As far as we know anything going on will not hurt Gerardo's transplant.   We continue to pray for God's mercy.   For us, all of the gov't upheaval is not dangerous, and hasn't changed our life.  Schools in our city are still in session, even though news articles say all the teachers are on strike.  Our food, gas, and necessities still have the same price, though news articles say many countries have cut off trade with Honduras.  Recently while in the city of Teguc. we didn't see any riots or demonstrations, but did notice that many of the beautiful landmarks have been graffitied.   From what we hear from residents of the city of Teguc. (not the papers) is that there are limited demonstrations, and that the police are only allowing them to happen for an hour before they break it up, so as to not choke the city.   Personally, I believe God has let things that were horrible come to light.   But to let you know, things are pretty normal and we are not in danger.   Thank you for your prayers.  I believe prayer has made the difference here in Honduras right now.   God will set Honduras on its path.   We are all enjoying our school vacation.  Amazing how much time, energy, and brian school takes up!   I am currently preparing the materials and schedules to start again the first of September.   I am also enjoying my time of organzing things that have been put on the back burner.    Hannah will be in 10 th grade, our reader in hyper drive,  John in 8th grade (though he is in Algebra II, Faith in 6th grade, and Timothy in 3rd.  Arnol will be in 4th, Reynaldo in 3rd.   Fernando and Gerardo will be finishing up their PACES to be able to start in Honduran Collegio in February when that school year begins.   I have really kicked it up a notch looking for help educationally for Eli.  I am asking anybody that will listen if they have any wisdom or advice as to what will help him.  I pray that in the time before the next Honduran school year starts (Feb. ) we will have a way for him and Carlitos to go to the local school, Caditas de Angeles.  This is a small private school in town that specializes in helping children with special needs.  They do the best they can with the resources they have.   David celebrated his 18th birthday yesterday.  Yes, it was news to us also!  Recently when visiting with his father, we found out that his birth had been filed 3 years after it had happened.  So rather than turning 15, he is 18!  He had friends over for tres leches and nintendo.   The garden is going crazy.  Though we have a ton of bugs, we have a ton of cucumbers and zucchini.  I am sure you wonder, do they ever have anything but cucumber and zucchini.  They seem to be the things that grow the best and survive the bug invasions and either too much rain or not enough rain.   We do have cabbage, a few tomatoes, green beans, potatoes, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes.   This update sounds very newsy, and I have lots more to share, but I have to get to work!  I will try to get on later and share some more heart things.   Paula
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