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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-08-22 13:34:32
Subject: House...Enhanced with photos!

I think I am getting it, you may get tired of my pictures and captions! 

The Lord is our provision!  Hannah will be so excited to use a bathroom with more than a curtain, and not next to mom and dad's bed!   Here are some house shots...

This is the top floor before drywall.  Jose is fearlessly working on plumbing...

Front of the house....yes we have had many comments about it being 2 story and large!  It is, and yes, we have a lot of people to fill it!

This is top floor front with door to front porch, AKA-school room!

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re: House...Enhanced with photos!  by Elaine on Sunday August 23, 2009
re: House...Enhanced with photos!  by Taylor Briggs on Saturday August 22, 2009

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