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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-09-01 21:16:19
Subject: Tuesday/Transplant Rescheduled

Wow! So much is always going on isn't it? I am sure that in your life, like mine, you can daily look and see how God is always working, always loving, always in control. Many times things that seem so bad at the time are really just God working out his purposes in our hearts and on the earth. I am thankful that I can rest in Him and trust his plans for my life.

We pray that we will see just what God's purposes are in this current postponement of Gerardo's transplant. We learned Friday evening that the drs. are concerned about the return of ex-president Manuel Zelaya this week, so they postponed the transplant until next Monday. We are ready for it whenever it comes!  I know so many of you are praying, we apologize for not having reliable internet to be able to update things rapidly.  We know that it will be a journey, frequent visits back to the hospital for checkups and tests, dialysis will continue in the beginning, and a period of regulating the meds he will be on. But we are praying for the best transplant possible, for Gerardo's body to completely receive this new kidney, and for it to begin doing its job rapidly. We also pray for a quick recovery for his mother who is donating her kidney.

We just had a wonderful, wonderful visit from our home church Restoration. They were awesome in so many ways. They were a remarkable encouragement to us. Just to hear someone say, "We appreciate and believe in what you are doing" does wonders for your spirit. As workers go, they were incredible! With Wes Higdon at the helm they got it done on the drywall for the top floor, the ceiling for the top floor, installed a bathtub (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?), and got a great start on the tape and bedding of the dry wall (or mudding as they say). So mega blessings to Wes Higdon, John Satterfield, Sam Prescott, and Jim Pack :). Barbara Harris joined the group as the lone lady. I was thrilled to have her here with me. Just to have her was a blessing to me. But she was a blessing to many beyond me. First of all you know she was Carlitos' favorite! Barbara shared from her heart with our missionary ladies serving here in Siguatepeque, and then ministered greatly in prayer to each of us. Everyone opened up and shared from their hearts and the Father met with us. Then she carried it on to the ladies that serve here. Oh how wonderful it was to hear their hearts and see the Father minister love and healing prayer to them. Barbara was our prayer warrior this week. She spent the entire time a group of pastors were here in prayer for them. A dear group of pastors came to hear about the ministry school that our pastor/church offers to those serving as pastors in the field. It was awesome. They seemed to be eager to receive training in the word of God. And they seemed more than willing to spend 2 days together every quarter in this training and ministry. We are praying for this opportunity and for what the Lord has in store in this ministry. It was a great week for us. We were so blessed and encouraged. I could write more and more about the time, but I will wrap it up! I hope the team returned home with more than they gave. We are having internet difficulties again, but once resolved, I will post pictures. Our sattellite, transmitter, modem, and computers need healing prayer!

This week Rolman, Ronnie, Antonio, and John are continuing on with the taping and mudding of the drywall. We are also looking at what we have funds to finish and what will need to wait. We want to get all we can to be able to move in as soon as possible. Many things will need to be finished out as we have the funds to do so.

School bells rang here today! Reynaldo and Arnol were off to Destino Del Rieno. Hannah, John, Faith, Timothy, Gerardo, and Fernando cracked open the books here. I am excited about the things we will be learning this year and excited to see the kids growing in the Lord and knowledge.

Thank you for standing, serving, and giving with us here at Hope Farm. Everytime a child has a victory here, everytime love is given out - you are a part of it.

Our love,


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