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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2009-09-14 21:38:25
Subject: Transplant Postponed

Well folks, the saga continues. The doctor today told Antonio that they need another birth certificate for Gerardo. We gave them one a year ago when it all started, but possibly they need another to send to someone else. They also want another medical test. Unfortunately the donor, Gerardo's mother, is very angry with us about the continued postponements. It is possible that she will back out. She has a lot of pressure from her other children to not do the transplant. They are telling her that the surgery will probably kill her. I can only imagine what Gerardo must be feeling. Please pray that she will stay the course and do the right thing for her son. Right now we are frantically rushing to complete the new little house for a visitor on Wednesday, my mother! We do not know what the Lord has planned for the house but getting it ready for a visitor has been a good motivation for finally making the thing ready. The new, family house is poking along. They started laying tile in the second floor but I got a message tonight that the tile is bad. We bought the tile from a reputable dealer. It was pretty economical, let's just hope that the tile guy will be willing to use it since we've already bought 50 square meters (about 500 square feet). We considered a lot of options for floors in the new home. Tile is able the lowest price of all of them in Honduras. Of course, we wanted to just use smooth cement floors, but that is not something the people here really know how to do. That would have been the easiest, quickest, cheapest solution, but they could not do it. The cement is really rough, which is great for laying tile so that it has something to adhere to, but not very good on the toes if you want to walk on it. Our goal is to have the house ready for move in, but not necessarily finished, by end of October. That is when Jose and Lourdes will be ready to become house parents. Honestly, we believe they will do a far better job than we have. We are divided among a lot of things. I work eight plus hours on the computer to bring in needed funding. Paula home schools our four kids plus some of the other boys. She also ministers to pastor's wives, women in general, coordinates group visits and many other things. We have little time left to go to all the school meetings, keep up with homework, maintain the farm, do the mandatory weed-wacking volunteer work at the boys' school, cook meals at the school and minister to the children. Lourdes will have her hands full without the things Paula does. We are not oblivious to the fact that the couple have different personalities and we will have to stretch and adjust. We just believe that the boys will connect more with Jose and Lourdes. They love children, meaning that they are also tough on them. They want more for the children than the cycle of poverty that dominates here, just as we do. However, they do not have a language barrier and will hopefully have more time for the boys they care for. Proverbs 19:18 Discipline your son, for in that there is hope; do not be a willing party to his death.
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