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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-09-15 22:50:09
Subject: Tuesday September 15, 2009

Sometimes when I am not journaling it is because I am still processing the emotions of things that are going on here.  Sometimes it is because I am busy.  Sometimes it is because our internet is tempermental.    Lately it has been all three!   As you have probably read, this Wednesday the transplant for Gerardo did not happen.  On Sunday night we were all in his room, preparing for what we thought would be happening Wednesday.  We packed his things for the hospital visit, organized his belongings for an easy packing to move into the apartment in Teguc. after the transplant, and went through clothes to weed out things that were too little or too holey.   Lately, Gerardo has actually put on weight.  Several times during the evening different children would vocalize how they were going to miss Gerardo, how it wouldn't be the same without him, or how they wanted to go stay with him in Tegucigalpa.  A couple of times I had to leave the room to get my emotions together, to cry, or just to breathe deep and pray.  Thinking of Gerardo being gone for 3-12 months is not easy.  So many logistics aside from missing him and wanting to be taking care of him fulltime.  I know your prayers are with each of us.  Gerardo seems to be handling it all well.  He takes it all in stride.  He certainly wants to be done with dialysis though!   So, we put our hope and trust in God and look forward to Monday, the new day he is scheduled to check in, with the transplant on Wednesday morning at 6am.   We are all excited because Grandma Judy arrives tomorrow night!  We look forward to her visit, her reaction to changes here at the home, and spending time with a family member.  The kids have a special family album school project to work on while she is here.  She is going to get the interview of her life with Faith as the interrogator.     I ask for your prayers on October 3rd.  I will be sharing with a group of  Honduran women that are in leadership serving the women of Honduras.   I will be sharing on the restoration of the heart.  I anticipate the Father doing a deep work in these women and opening doors for them with the women they serve.  Please pray for them to come willing to receive everything He has for them.    And I ask for prayer for our special group of missionary ladies serving here in Honduras.  Our ladies group is a true source of JOY for us and a time of growing together in the word, prayer, and fellowship.  What an honor to work and serve with these women of God.   Blessings to you.  Thank you for serving with us here through prayer, care, support, and love.  Daily we see His blessing, and daily I am reminded that He is doing a work.  A work in me, a work in my family, and a work in the lives around us.  He is such a personal, caring, and real God.   Paula

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