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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2009-09-28 20:54:45
Subject: Monday September 28, 2009

Dear Friends,

        We are on the tail end of a visit by my mother from Texas. She treated our family to a long weekend at the beach in Tela, Honduras. We were also able to get discounted lodging fees because the hotel owners are desperate for any kind of business. You see, since the world began reporting the "coup", there has been virtually no travel by international visitors. We were the only Americans on a two mile stretch of beach this weekend.

     To say the US Press uses the term "coup" loosely, would be to give them a great benefit of the doubt. Fact is, they either know that the former president was removed as an exercise of constitutional checks and balances and they are lieing about the coup or they don't know tacos from enchiladas.

     When we were leaving the hotel, the hotel owner walked out to us and asked us to please spread the truth. He knows a great deal of English and he's been keeping up with American reports of Honduran events. He did not understand why the Americans would want to install a Hugo Chavez puppet as dictator of Honduras. He did not know what happened to America that they would openly spread communism. Mainly he was concerned about the lies about widespread protests and violence that are preventing people from coming to the beach, when the protests are on the other side of the country.

     The lies spread by the Obama Administration about the supposed "coup" here are not only getting people killed in riots, but they are hurting the small businesses and the poor. The hotels have no visitors. Therefore the people in tourist towns such as Tela, La Ceiba and the island of Roatan do not have work. They cannot afford the simple rice and beans that they normally eat.

     Backing the dictator Zelaya is emboldening him to stir up riots and get people killed. I have seen firsthand how the US government undermined the wills and wishes in this part of the world. The people here want democracy, but it is being wrestled from their hands with sanctions and other international pressure. I have to ask myself which other countries have we disturbed to this degree or more? Is it any wonder we have so many enemies around the world? I do not condone terrorism, but I think I understand their feeling of helplessness against media giants and superpowers. If the US continues on this course, don't expect a lot of friends in Latin America.

     Well, I spilled the beans. I told the hotel owner that we try to spread the truth about Honduras for the good of the people. He asked me to keep spreading the word. It is done for today, but I don't expect the decision makers to listen. Just remember that the lies are hurting the poorest of the poor, the very people that the press and Former President Zelaya claim to represent.

Best wishes,
      Marcos in Honduras

PS: Yes, my name is Mark as reported on my birth certificate. However, I go by the name Marcos in Honduras. It is easier for the Hondurans to pronounce, remember and spell. But a little trivia about name, I was named after a city that my parents lived in at one time: San Marcos. :-)

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