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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2009-10-05 22:17:46
Subject: Transplant Performed, Honest!

OK, hated to sneak this one up on anyone without some kind of forewarning. Truth is, we were tired of telling everyone that the surgery was going to take place next week, only to have it postponed. So, what happens the first time we don't say there will be a transplant? It happened! Today! The doctors exited from the surgery with Gerardo in tow. They were all excited, happy, smiling and talking about how well it went. Gerardo's kidney was working before he left the operating room as he had to urinate in the cathator. It has continued to work today and we are hopeful that he will be well. The doctors were talking about what a great life and future he had ahead of him. There have been some recent failures regarding the kidney transplants in the same hospital. Gerardo was in dialysis last week, sitting next to a girl that recently had a transplant. She died during dialysis. They said she contracted some kind of virus. Please pray for protection for Gerardo during this time. Several others have died from illness as well. Gerardo is going to have to live in the capital city of Tegucigalpa for at least three months, possibly up to a year, for follow up treatment and testing. He needs to be protected from any kind of virus and therefore away from children. He will have Antonio for company most of the time and some of us will take turns visiting him on weekends. He cannot return home for awhile. There is much more to report, but for now I've got to do a little programming to earn my keep. Praise be to God that the transplant looks like a success so far! Please ask for Him to cover Gerardo; the next few months are critical.
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