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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-10-06 22:57:21
Subject: Gerardo Update...Very current

This is part is from yesterday.....but todays update is on the same post!
We are thrilled to report, that Gerardo´s new kidney is working! 
The surgery went smoothly.  He was in surgery from 7 30 until about 11 30.  That was shorter than they thought it would be, and the body received the new kidney.  Before they wheeled him out of the operating room he had urinated with a catheter.  That means that the kidney is working.  Using the bathroom is not something he was able to do before.
I caught the drs. coming out of the operating room because his mother had been wheeled to recovery, so I got up and got as close as I could to where he was.  They let me go on the elevator with him and walk him to the Pediatric ICU.   After they got him settled in his isolated room with his nurse, they let me look in the window and talk to him through an open door.  The dr. said he was asking for me when he woke up.  They could not let me in though, he asked if I could come in if I washed my hands. 
 Yesterday he was in a good bit of pain.  It was an emotional time.  I can say with all my heart that this operation working will only be because of God´s goodness.  You have never seen such an against protocol area for surgery.  Every minute you could moan about things you saw happening that you knew should not.  We heard of a recent transplant being done where the blood types did not match.  But we are so grateful, so grateful that we had this. 
New update from today.....
This morning he was in pain from the surgery and the port sight.  His blood pressure and heart rate are normal.  The first thing the ICU nurse said this morning was, "Of all the transplants that have been done here, this one is taking the best, he is doing the best of any patient we have ever had."  The ICU unit as a whole and his separate glassed in room are incredible.  Never have I seen such a clean, wonderful, setup in Honduras.  Enough to make me cry and cry. They have every machine they need and every machine you would find in a US hospital.  The oxygen is the normal wall mount, not the huge tanks you see everywhere else in the hospital.  The IV is actually the electronic pump kind, not just the bag hanging on whatever they can find.  The blood pressure cuff is connected to a machine!  There is a heart moniter.  Maybe these things don't excite you....but they are a novelty to me after being in other parts of the hospital!   It made me so very happy to see that the children had what they needed. 
I was able to stay with Gerardo an hour.  He was hungry, urinating in the catheter like crazy.  The nurse said he had it stored for a year!  So now he has gallons of it, and they are so proud of it.   I then was able to go buy him juice, jello, and water.  He can have liquid and bland things today. 
Later when bringing the things he needed back, the nurse let me see him and talk to him.  He was in better shape than earlier.  Not in as much pain and had slept a bit. 
Gerardo's mother is doing well also.  I went to see  her this morning.  She is in pain, large incision, but she seemed very glad to have given the kidney.  Genuinely happy that Gerardo was doing so well.  Her older son is with her in the hospital.  She will be able to go home on Thursday or Friday.  She was in good spirits. 
While in the hospital, before the surgery several parents came to us and gave their love and blessings.  I look in the room where Gerardo has spent his hospital stays and I see such a hopelessness.  I pray that Gerardo´s surgery will be a testimony of God´s faithfulness, and a testimony to doing the right thing.  Gerardo cares, he wanted to live, he followed the rules the drs. gave him.  So many do just the opposite, the patient nor their parents have hope.  We pray for hope to fill this unit.   We pray for the parents to be able to understand what is needed for the child and the provision to give it.  We pray for the 2 kidney drs. that are so overworked and overstressed. 
Thank you, there is a long road to hoe.  We appreciate your prayers and support.  Thank you for sending hope Gerardo´s way.    No words can express our gratitude.  You have been a part of life, real life. 

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