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Entry Date: 2006-04-02 17:15:23
Subject: re: Thursday March 30, 2006

Paula-  It is so neat to be able to hear and see you and your family.  I know it must be hard and frustrating with your spanish.  When we go to Mexico I have a hard time trying to communicate at all.  I know you will learn so much quicker than you think you will. We hear Chelsea might be coming this summer, she is trying to work out her support.  I'm so glad you have a lady helping with housework.  That will help yoube free to do other things.   Flowers you have flowers around, that is such a blessing!! I will ask the Lord to somehow help your housekeeper understand that you enjoy messing with the flowers as much as she does.  Remember to take a few minutes for yourself . This is important!  I love you ,Paula.   Never feel pressed to reply.  I'll just write you from tme to time.  Cindy Blanton

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