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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-10-12 22:51:35
Subject: Gerardo doing well

I am back at home and Antonio is with Gerardo.   Gerardo has done very well in his first 24 hours out of the hospital.    He is taking his meds, drinking his water, and using the bathroom frequently.  He has his first appointment with the drs. at 6am tomorrow.  He will have bloodwork and urine tests performed.  

I have been reading and it seems that the medicines he is taking are pretty much the norm for kidney transplant patients.  I pray that he will do well and be able to reduce the steroid he is taking, because it does weaken your immune system.   Currently the cleaning is like a religion!  Wiping everything with a clorox wipe, even here in Honduras.   When with him, you must wear a surgical mask and use hand gel frequently. 

Things are smooth here on the homefront.  More pigs have been born, new house is moving along with the flooring, and school moves forward.  David will finish this year of school this week.  With all that has gone on with the gov't they are requiring public schools to finish this week and to pass all students!  This is mind boggling.   They have not even had 120 days of school this year, if 100.  The teachers even decided to not give all the final exams, I mean if everyone passes, why test.   Sad. 

Blessings and good rest,





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