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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2009-11-14 14:37:34
Subject: Saturday November 14, 2009

      Tonight we are going to visit with Jim Pack, Porter Briggs and celebrate the high school graduation of a young lady that the Packs have supported through school. Hannah has made a cake with fondant for the party.

       Yesterday our pastor, Ron Hogue, had to return to Texas. I had the pleasure of getting to know him a little better on the three hour ride to the airport.

       At the moment I do not have any computer so I'm marketing myself as best I can. I would entertain the idea of taking a short contract stateside for a few reasons. Of course it would be a way to raise the funding necessary for the home. Secondly, it is time to bring in the new house parents, Jose and Lourdes, and give them a chance to establish themselves as parents. Lastly, we would like to take time to re-establish our own family.

      Today John, David and Antonio are going to youth group, which hopefully will lead to a soccer game, although probably not today.

      Great news is that Gerardo is at home right now and seems to be doing well. I know we have not kept his environment germ free, but his countenance has been lifted because of the social interaction he so desperately misses when stuck in the apartment in Tegucigalpa. I am leaning towards taking him tomorrow back to Tegucigalpa for his bi-weekly medical exam early Monday Morning. We would need to stay until Tuesday Morning so that we can get his exam results. If everything looks good, we are going to sneak him back home until the next exam. He is so much happier here.

     Tomorrow we are celebrating an early Thanksgiving with Jim Pack at the Faber's home in Comayagua. Jim returns to Texas on Tuesday and we always enjoy visiting with him.

     Please pray for home church, Restoration Church, in Euless, TX. Paula and I have attended Restoration since we were married in 1991. It has declined in numbers and we want to see our family thrive once again. They are doing so much around the world through missions and in their own community, where they help elderly and needy families repair and remodel their homes. I cannot think of a more help minded church, bless you Restoration!

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