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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-11-19 23:12:22
Subject: Two mega prayer requests

Tonight, Gerardo has a fever of 104.  The dr. is not answering the phone.  So we have given him Tylenol, cold shower, and cold washcloth on the forehead.  He is scared. 

Gerardo's biological mother is very angry and wants more money from the home.  We reached an agreement with her before the transplant as to what we would give her to cover her medical expenses, time missed from work, food, children's school, etc.  The drs. at the hospital did not like that we were giving her money, they felt it was like buying a kidney on the black market.  They felt she is the mother, it was her responsibility.  We wanted to help her and her family.  Now the time of recovery has passed.  She is working and up, has been for a while.  But she says that she is still bleeding and has pain.  We have asked that she go to the drs. at the hospital to be checked again.  She went last week and they gave her a clean bill of health.  Mark and Jose went to talk with her this evening because she called to tell us that she was calling in the police and lawyers on us.  The doctors at the hospital feel the same way towards her and would pursue action if we allowed it.  We do not want there to be hurt.  We feel she is doing something wrong, but we do not want to create a huge problem.  Her health is important to us. 

Thank you for praying with us regarding these issues.  God is always in control.  I will update as I can. 




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