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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2010-01-19 22:43:13
Subject: Kids!

Kids try to work every angle don't they???

The first few days of our new living arrangements Fernando was very keen on telling me that they got to watch movies and stay up for New Years (we go to bed for New Years!).  Daily he commented on the myriad of things he thought would be better now.  

Well, the tide has rolled.  Now for the past few days he has come with complaints and trying to corner me into siding against our dear co-laborers, Jose and Lourdes.  Such questions as, "Don't you think coffee is good for you? "  or  "American food is better for your body, isn't it?, and "Can you believe Lourdes asks me questions about what I just read to her-didn't she listen??" 

Jose shed even more light today.  He told me how Fernando says that we never made him wear shoes outside while we always allowed him to wear workboots inside!  Classic!  Fortunately for us and the boys, Jose has worked here over 2 years and knows where we felt shoes should and shouldn't be worn

We love Fernando, Jose and Lourdes love Fernando.  He is a pretty lucky guy.  One day he will realize it! 


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