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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2010-01-19 22:55:47
Subject: Time to register for colegio (jr.high)

This week Lourdes went to begin the registration process for the new year of school for the older boys.  Yes, I say begin.  It is different every year, new papers required, new stamps, new blood needed.  On Monday she went to wait in line to register Fernando, Gerardo, David, Abigail (Jose and Lourdes' oldest daughter) , and Antonio.  This year they are only opening up the  only public jr. high and high school, to those who have either been there before, or if new have an 88% or above.  Thankfully Gerardo, Abigail,  and Fernando fit the bill.  Oh, and there are also only 80 slots for new students.  David and Antonio are return students.   Lourdes was in line with hundreds.  Most of the line left when they heard the new requirements,  the high average and that there were only 80 slots.  Fortunately, Lourdes had gotten on the phone and probably threatened the director to give us slots.  She is a pretty persuasive lady.  We still are short some paperwork, but praying that all goes well to get everyone in.  You would never think it would be such a stressor to get a child in school. 

Seriously, please pray for the boys.  It is a new experience for Gerardo and Fernando.  They are re-entering public school after homeschooling.  And for Gerardo he will miss days of school due to still needing dr. visits in Tegucigalpa.  We pray that this is the right step for all.  David will be going to weekend school since he is older.  He hopes to get a job during the weekdays, but until then he is faithful on the farm. 

It is also time to register Eli and Carlitos for the special ed school, Caditas de Angeles.  This is a step of faith, not only financially but scheduling wise.  But we pray this is a good fit for them and will encourage and strengthen them both. 

Reynaldo and Arnol will receive their grades for this grading period on Friday. 

Never a slow day!



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