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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2010-01-26 20:46:42
Subject: Faith

Well, I heard something today that I KNOW I would not have heard if we didn't live here.   Faith said, "I love killing fish!  I love to hit their heads on the pila and then shave their scales off with a knife!"  She had genuine enthusiasm as she shared from the depths of her heart (not something you get much!).  But you really need to be able to have the picture in your mind of the setting.  We were in the back at our pond.  Faith was covered, covered from head to toe in pond muck.  She was with her new friend, Jose's youngest daughter, Susi.  Faith had the fishing net, rope attached, and the net was secure with one of the weights in her mouth.  She then slung the net, also covered in pond muck, in to the pond.   As soon as the weight flew from her mouth she spit with such force I thought she was sick.  She said, "You have to hold it in your mouth and you have to spit out the junk!"    The girl was in paradise!  After Faith took a few turns, it was Susi's turn.  All the while Eli and Timothy are cheering them on and digging snails out of the pond.   Not only did the girls catch 6 fish, but  they then proceeded to clean and cook them (outside) all by themselves.  I was astonished.  Didn't know she could fish, didn't know she could catch, certainly didn't know she knew how to clean and cook a fish.  You can be sure this knowledge was not passed on from me!  

At dinner tonight I commented on how long it takes to catch, clean, and cook fish.  She said, "Not much meat." 


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