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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2010-02-26 09:44:02
Subject: Hazards of Middle Age

This is, in no way, meant to be a comprehensive list.

Just as often as not, I am waking up well before dawn these days and it's not because of an alarm clock. This morning I figure it was probably 3:30 AM when the rooster called. I knew that I would not be returning to slumber. I thought about all the ways I could be making my time productive, but each one of them would have woken the light sleepers in our house.  Time flies when you're having fun, so before I knew it, it was 5 AM.

Since 4:15 I had been thinking how I could probably turn a light on downstairs and run the stairs for my daily exercise. I started right before 5 and finished just after 5:30. Unlike those guys that are buff and can spend hours in a gym, I find exercise repetitive and boring. The voices in my head seem to carry on such loud conversations at those times of repetition, that I often lose count of what I'm doing. One voice said, "You need to add a story to the web site", while another said "There's a lot of old bananas in the pantry. Make banana bread before the bugs take over."

I was sufficiently warmed by the workout to face our 60 degree shower. After the shower, I laid back down in the hopes of getting back to sleep, but the voices did not relent; "At 6 AM, go cook the banana bread so that it will be ready for breakfast when the kids get up for school. Read your Bible while the bread is cooking."

So after making banana bread and reading, I am finally carrying out the last of three commands given by the voices by writing this story. I hope that the voices can leave me alone long enough tonight to wake at a decent hour.

Right now Paula is still in Tegucigalpa with Gerardo at the hospital. Hospitals here require hands on care from family or friends. We are hoping and praying that both Gerardo and Paula can return soon, if not today.

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