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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2006-01-05 19:19:50
Subject: Thursday January 05, 2006

We are packing!  After Christmas we swung into bubble wrap!  We are packing the house we currently live in, and packing our 12 pieces of luggage and 6 carryons for the plane.  It is funny the things you pack in 12 suitcases.  We were so blessed to already have been able to send some boxes and things on a container going to Honduras.  Can you guess what I put on that container????  You got it, my KITCHENAID!  We packed for the container; clothes, baseball gear, bicycles, toys, DVD player, Nintendo, special blankies, bedding, books, ziplocs, fabric, sewing machine, and other odd things.  Now in the suitcases go more clothing, shoes, CD's and DVD's, playmobil. mega pack toiletries, medicines and bandaids, clothespins, pens, pencils, schoolbooks (sorry kids), bible studies, bibles, candles, air freshner, and the ever needed bug spray and flyswatters!  As each day goes by, I see something weird and think- I might not be able to find that in Honduras- and I pack it.  It will be funny to open it all up there and see what was important on the day I packed each bag.  Mark is so helpful, he bubblewrapped all of our dear pictures, paintings, mirrors, and fragiles while I ran around gathering things for the boxes.  The kids have diligently gone through toys (for the 4th time in 1 1/2 years) and whittled down to those necessity toys (hence the playmobil).  Each little pile of theirs reflect their personalities and how God made them.  I love who they are.  Between the four of them I think we can cover toys and things of interest for almost any type of child!  Hannah of course has crafty things to make, and has gathered interesting patterns and ideas that she hopes to have time to pursue.   She wants to make rugs for the cement floors and for the people who do not have floors there. She has some Jane Austin and Tolkein to read, and special stationary from Aunt Michele and Uncle Mark to write everyone. John has the Legos and electronic kits for those that need a challenge and are engineers.  And computer games aplenty for the strategists!  He is also bringing his guitar to continue learning and hopefully lead us in songs of worship around the fire on the farm.  Faith has her special Beatrix Potter books, her dear Snuggly (given at her 1 year old party by a dear friend), Adventures in Odyssey for every English speaking Honduran child to listen to, and her new art kit.  Timothy, well Rescue Heroes save the day, along with Thomas the Train and special blankie.   They know that they will be sharing with those who have never had, and they have packed things to give to the children there, so that they also have their own special goodies.  I think that this adventure will be such a wonderful opportunity for our children to learn the ways of Christ.  They already have such tender, giving hearts, and I can't wait to see who and how they touch those we come in contact with.  They have prayed for the boys in Honduras for a long time now, and it will be neat to see them form special bonds that transcend the language barrier we will face.  We hope to hire someone there to come into the home and work with us on our Spanish soon.  I remember when we visited before and my Spanish was zilch then, someone asked me to pray for a beautiful family full of children.  I started praying and crying, and wishing so much that God would take my words and put it in their tongue because I saw how much He loves and adores them. Father your love for us is unbelievable.  
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