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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2010-03-10 07:54:19
Subject: Women's Conference

This past weekend I had the opportunity to participate in the 14th Annual Women's Conference of a Baptist Association here in Honduras.  The event was held on the bay island of Guanaha.  This island is the furthest of the 3 bay islands of Honduras (the others being Utila and Roatan).   What a huge blessing this was for me. 

The ladies came from all over Honduras.  The buses left Tegucigalpa at 1 am in the morning on Friday to start the trip to La Ceiba where we then took a plane to the island (we arrived at 10am in La Ceiba).    These ladies are devoted!  The plane ride was about 30 minutes.  Upon arrival at the island we then took a water taxi (boat), to the appointed area of the island that we would be staying.  There are no cars, no roads, everything is done by water taxi.  Amazing.  It was beautiful.  The island has rocky beaches and sandy beaches, pine trees, mountains, and beautiful water for snorkeling.  It is not a commercial island and there are people from North American, Garifuna (native tribe here), La Mosquitians (coastal Honduras), and Hondurans. 

The theme of the conference was "No Te Lo Pongas" or in English "What Not to Wear".  This taken from the text in Colassians 3:12-15- regarding what we should put on as christians.    Nightly dramas imitating the show "What Not to Wear", with a christian woman slant, had the ladies rolling with laughter and considering what they were "wearing" in their heart that showed on the outside.  There were worship, teaching, and workshop times for the ladies to participate in.  There was an afternoon at a wonderful beach complete with bbq cookout.  We had time to explore the island, take short boat trips, and enjoy one another's company.   

For the first time, I taught in Spanish, without a translator!  Can you believe?  Of course, a dear friend here translated the materials I had written (before the conference).  I was so concerned that the ladies would not be able to understand a word and that it would be as if I were reading off a script.  But the Father had a word for the ladies and He gavie it!  I am sure there were some that were sitting there wondering what I was saying, but for the most part the ladies responded with open hearts.  The seemed to drink in the teachings and I think most left feeling lighter in their hearts than when they came. 

What a blessed time it was for me.  I have memories I will treasure forever.  One of the most special times was going to help the ladies make breakfast at 4am one morning.  They said 4, but when I showed up on the night watchman was up to greet me (with a machete in hand!).  The ladies got up, astonished that this white girl came.  We had an absolute blast.  They were patient with me, teaching me to make their foods, rather than pushing me aside.  We sang at the top of our lungs and ate fritas on top of ice chests with about 20 cats surrounding us.  After that time they invited me to eat with them at their house.  The ladies of the island were so hospitable and you knew that these were the people that guide books talk about. 

How wonderful it was to be with the ladies in worship.  They were so free and truly worshipped their Father.  You knew that they knew that He is their everything.   They were so gracious to me, receiving me and bearing with my horrible spanish (my spanish does not use a verb correctly, ever!).    I had the honor of praying with them, listening to their hearts, and for many sharing with them in their first airplane ride and island experience. As the airplane lifted off that first morning, EVERY woman in the plane was in deep intercession.    I so enjoyed seeing their response to the Holy Spirit in the teaching times, and loved praying over them in one of the workshops I led that was a  one on one prayer time. 

I hope to be able to go with them next year to Comayagua.  And I hope to be able to go in April to another retreat time that is for ladies that truly can not give a lempira to go.    If I see you while I am in the states, perhaps you could share with these ladies by sending back with me:  shampoos, lotions, soaps, hair do dads, special little things that would mean something to a woman. 

We thank you for your support. 



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