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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2010-03-16 14:03:42
Subject: Farmer John

John has been planting, growing and tending his sweet potato crops in increasing amounts for a good year, maybe longer. With the exception of some nominal weeding help on Saturday Mornings, he does the gardening by himself. Yesterday he harvested 3 rows of the garden, which yielded just over 30 pounds of sweet potatoes. He has another 10 rows to go. It is on John's heart to study agriculture after he completes high school for a career in farming.

When you deal with something on a regular basis, you tend to be more attuned to any mention of it. I've been speaking others in this country and other parts of the world about sweet potatoes and decided to do a little research myself.

Sweet potatoes grow more food per acre than any other crop. In a world of burgeoning populations, this is a critical factor in how we feed more and more people in the world. Unlike other grains, sweet potatos are high in Vitamin A, which for places like Africa, means less blindness caused by malnutrition.

Missionaries come in all forms and I am happy to say that John looks to far surpass anything I've done or will do for mankind.

God is good!

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