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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2010-04-03 22:25:05
Subject: Mango Season!

If you've ever had a mango in the USA, you probably don't understand the hoopla. The mangos sold in US supermarkets are like the peaches sold in Honduran markets: tough and dry. Mangos in Honduras are about as close as we get to the sweetness, texture and flesh of a good peach in the USA.

Paula, Faith, Hannah and Timothy are in the USA right now visiting family and friends. We'll always remember Faith walking around with a peach in each hand as the juice dripped off her elbows. Her Grandpa Guy used to furnish us with boxes full of Texas Hill Country Peaches from his own trees. Faith would eat them all day. Unfortunately, they will be returning right before the peaches start producing.

Good news is that mangos here are in season until July. I served the boys quesadillas and mangos tonight for dinner.

Funny thing, Hondurans and Faith, seem to prefer an unripened mango with some kind of chili sauce all over it. The mangos are green and usually come sliced up in a bag with pepper and chili. They are widely sold by street vendors. I've never understood why someone would eat fruit before it's ripe. The ripened mangos in Honduras rate right up there with peaches in Western Colorado.

Yep, that's right I said Colorado Peaches. We visited Valley Church 18 months ago and had the best peaches ever. They were very juicey and sweet. It has something to do with the well drained soil (basically desert sand), good solid freezes in the winter and water they say that is about a foot under the soil.

Anyway, while we were enjoying fresh mangos tonight, it made me think of Faith, Colorado, peaches and Dad.

Enjoy your visit, Paula, Hannah, Faith and Timmy!

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