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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2006-04-13 20:01:19
Subject: Talking Birds

Every once in a while I think about the fact that we live in Central America and the advantages thereof. In the States, things like exotic birds are for millionaires, here, they are affordable to the middle class. I've always wanted some kind of parrot that would learn words and keep guests entertained, but then I remember why that's an awful idea. Here are some things that I might accidentally teach the bird: <Inspired by our sometimes integrity deficient national child protective services agency (IHNFA, pronounced "in-fah")> "In-fah is here, hold onto your wallet." "What kind of scam you running today?" "You don't like it, YOU can take care of the kids." <Inspired by techno gadgets> "Hurry up you piece of junk!" "What the heck is wrong with you?" "You are WASTING MY LIFE!" <Inspired by the power company> "Those idiots couldn't manage a battery." (after power turns off 3rd time in a day) "How can I earn money in this awful place?" "Hire at least one engineer!" And most of all: "Lord, save us from the missionaries." So as much as I'd like one of those cute, witty birds, I'd better hold off for awhile.
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