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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2010-04-28 23:10:50
Subject: Rhythm

Bear with me...if you are not a journaler you probably don't want to read this! 

There is something about rhythm.  It causes us to dance, to move about based on IT - rather than what comfort zone might normally restrict us.  We easily recognize different rhythms, we hear just a part and we are able to tap out the rest.  Rhythms take us over and we become caught up in that moment.  Rhythms evoke memories, strong feelings, and even outbursts - be they laughter, tears, telling of a story, or a dance.  At different times we may even crave a certain rhythm, it takes us through a hard time or task. 

My days have a certain rhythm, one I become comfortable with.  I know what beat to expect, where to twirl, where to jump, where it starts and where it stops.  I know the hard parts - with its dips and dives - and I know where to coast.  A favorite worship song of mine sings, "You are my strong melody, you are my dancing rhythm..."  He is.  My song sings because He is the constant, dancing rhythm.  So what is the problem?

Sometimes a new rhythm gets added.  One I don't know the beat to - one I can't hum from memory.  I have to learn.  I have to listen.  I can't add my extra percussion flares until I can begin to track with the timing.  Sure, I hear bits and turns that remind me of rhythms danced before, but this one is new.  A new tempo, new notes, rests in places I haven't had a rest before, crescendos where I don't expect, abrupt endings and starts that seem hard to pick up with. 

He is good.  He plays it, He breaks it down, letting me linger over parts that seem hardest to comprehend.  Upon dancing it over and over again I notice the tenderness of the turns, the joy in the jumps, the intricacies of the beat, the constance of its going forward.  I learn the taps, my self becomes involved in the declaration of this new rhythm.  It becomes a life song.  His rhythm carries me, it is strong.  I develp trust - trust that when this now new tempo is ready to be written and not danced - there is a new one waiting to be learned and experienced. 

Oh my Father, show us as a family how to move to this new rhythm.  One of new freedoms, different responsibilities, sometimes more slow steps, introductions of new unchartered notes, one where some of the tempo is very sorrowful. Let us see and feel what you have for us in this new, undanced by us, rhythm.
Help Gerardo in his new rhythm - let him see and experience a dance of hope.  A rhythm that awakens every morning to dance in step with you. 


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