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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2010-04-29 10:46:57
Subject: Journal Auto Save

Paula seems to always hit a snag when she is trying to journal.  Sometimes the power goes out. Sometimes the Internet disconnects.  Sometimes IE just up and dies. Sometimes the cat just r-u-n-n o-f-t\'s  with the mouse. Whatever the case, she has lost many a hour typing  journals that end up in the black hole of cyberspace.

This is one of the few times being married to a geek has paid off.  I finally got sufficiently tired of seeing her work go down the  tubes so this is a test journal of our new administrative journalling  form to save drafts every 30 seconds. So now, even if the power  goes off, we can just turn the computer back on when Honduras graces us  with mobile electrons and resume our journalling where we left off.

This journal has almost nothing to do with the farm, it\'s just a  test. However, if this doohickey works, you will probably see more  journals from Paula, and that ain\'t bad!

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