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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2010-04-29 19:35:58
Subject: Gerardo

Gerardo is returning to Teguc.  today for testing and IV meds tomorrow morning.   Lourdes is going with him this time.  We hope that she can get more from the dr. such as what is the end goal, how can his care be better (not making the trip so many times), aren\'t we hurting him with so much travel, etc.   They are talking about another transplant, but we have no peace whatsoever about this, nor do we have a donor.  We are also hearing of other parent\'s complaints about things that they have seen the drs. do that they believe are  highly negligible.    I know it can all be bad.  I know that drs. are just doing their best (or not) with what they know.  But in my heart and soul I am just trying to remain quiet and listen to what God has for Gerardo.   We all possess the faith to know he can be healed.  We want to quietly wait with expectancy for what the Father has for his child at this time. 

Please pray for wisdom for the doctors, supernatural wisdom. 

Pray for the new kidney to not be rejected and start functioning again. 

Pray for Gerardo\'s mental health and hope. 

Pray for Lourdes to have wisdom, insight, and the strength to go through the day of tests, meds, and dealing with drs. 



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