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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2010-05-16 21:17:50
Subject: Updates/Prayer Requests


Just  a few updates and prayer needs. 

*  Yeah!  Arnol's school soccer team won the championship.  Arnol kicked the final penalty goal to win the game.  He was so excited!   "It was so easy, "  he said.    Modesty still to be learned! 

* Gerardo will be getting a transfusion on Tuesday along with dialysis.  His platelets are low.   God is watching over him and so faithful.  We are thankful that even though back in dialysis he is returning to his fun loving self. 

*  David has a new job!  He is working in a tire shop that Jose bought with his brother.  It is in town.  So David works there during the week and is continueing his weekend school.  (The weekend school is because of his age).   We are thankful for the opportunity for him to have more responsibility and experience.  He is seriously thinking about how he can work to have the money to go to architecture school. 

* Carlitos had eye surgery on Thursday and is doing well.  Please pray for a speedy recovery.  He now has a straight eye on the right side.   Trust me, he is milking the attention!  He is so excited though and says thank you all the time.    Thank you La Providencia and Sharing Resources Worldwide. 

*  Mark is home from being with his family in Massachusetts.  Please continue to pray for his family.  His mother, Judy, is there in Massachusetts visiting family and helping to take care of things.  He was so thankful to have the last few days with his grandmother. 

* Please pray for me, I have more staph sores, this time on the back of my head.  I will be going to the dr. tomorrow.  We need wisdom and a miracle!   Also pray for pain tolerance. 

* Arnol and Reynaldo only have 2 more weeks left in this school year.  Please pray for them as they take exams. 

*  Prayer needed for bringing in a container.  Too much to mention on that one!  We have a container loaded and ready to come, just the legistics are holding us up.  Please pray for provision and favor. 

*  Soon I will beging teaching ladies here in our city.  It will be a time open to ladies from different churches.  Please pray for me to hear exactly what the Father is saying, to be obedient, and for those helping me with translation (either translation in person, or helping me get it in Spanish so that I can speak it).    For me this is a scarey step.   Doing the Hokey Pokey with kids is more my comfort zone! 

Thank you for partnering with us here in Honduras.  Your prayers and support matter. 




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