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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2010-06-19 09:02:01
Subject: Wanted: House Parents

Well, we are still dazed and confused. Yesterday afternoon, Jose told me privately that he and his family, including Antonio, could not stay here any longer. By 9:30 PM, they were completely moved out. Last night I spent the night in the boys home while Paula stayed with our kids.

To be honest, we've known that Jose's family was not happy here, but we never really could determine why. They made some comments about a couple of the boys teasing their daughters, but there was no inappropriate physical behavior. I pleaded with Jose over the last couple weeks to tell me what was wrong because Lourdes (Jose's wife) seemed to have cut off all contact with us. More and more we were dealing with parenting issues aside from keeping the boys at our house, which we enjoy.

Jose seemed really choked up about leaving. He cried and told me that it's not about us (our family) and I don't think that he wanted to move; but I also know that a good man will not leave his family for any job. In the end, the decision was not his.

Handling the boys by ourselves is one thing. We'd done that for four years without any of the support we gave to the former house parents. The more difficult thing now is, without Antonio, Paula or I will need to go with Gerardo to dialysis three times per week, which is an all day commitment.

And then there's the farm, which was Jose's full time job, although more and more he was spending his time at his tire store. We have more animals than we've ever had and no full time overseer. I work 10 hours/day, 6 days/week on the computer to bridge the gap in funding, so I cannot work the farm full time.

So today we are going to have to think about what in the world we can do. In the short term we might move most of the boys into our new house and let the older boys sleep in the little house (casita), leaving the main house abandoned. But we just can't do this alone for very long. We've put some calls out for help. Hopefully something will turn up soon.

God has a plan. This is not an easy job but these boys deserve a break. They've been abandoned or abused by their parents, hurt and abused by caretakers of old and now abandoned by their house parents without so much as an explanation or a good-bye. I am so thankful that we the means to help, care for and oversee them. They are becoming very good young men with an uncommon sense of right and wrong in a culture that turns responsibility on its head.

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