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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2006-04-05 14:21:11
Subject: Water Well Delayed

Dear Friends,       God is good! He has not yet completed the work in us that He set out to do with respect to water. The drilling company found that the hole they drilled did not have adequate water. They said the capacity would have been about a gallon minute. They initially thought about 26 gallons per minute. They will return at the end of April with another drilling rig that will be able to drill deeper. They are going to drill a new hole somewhere else.     Anyway, our routine is fairly regular now and not especially difficult. We are extremely blessed to have the Mennonites about a half mile down the road. They provide potable water for anyone that walks into their orphanage area. They have a hose that we fill our containers with. On a normal day, we will take about two trips, filling three five gallon containers, one eight gallon container and a 50 gallon barrel. We are extremely frugal with the water as it all must be used in order to clean clothes, clean dishes, drink and cook for a house of sixteen. The community water supply does not have adequate pressure to reach us at the top of the mountain. We usually get community water on Sunday Night's, when I suppose usage is minimal for the week.      It is difficult to feel sorry for one's self when there are so many in the world (the majority of the world) that have no running water and no access to sanitary water. We expect the well might be complete by end of May or early June. We certainly cannot complain as many in this country travel to the river on foot for all of their water. How much greater was Christ's sacrifice when He left Heaven in order to establish His church? Infinitely greater.      Our hope is to raise a generation here that sees the need and is equipped to help others throughout the world have access to potable water. Running water is a huge boon to productivity. In third world countries, hours are daily spent acquiring and/or planning around water availability. In the states, we turn on the faucet and have it. We turn on machines to clean clothes and dishes. We are so blessed to have all the labor saving devices. We owe to the Lord to help those less fortunate.
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