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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2010-06-23 11:56:42
Subject: What is going on here???

Funny, sometimes we really don't know!  But what we do know is that it is a time of   STRETTTTTCHIIIIIIIIING!  And my elastic ain't holdin' up too well!   I don't do too well when I see Mark not doing too well.  He is so very hurt.   But I absolutely know that, in the midst of this pain, betrayal, long hours of work,  being way too short handed,  and with many little kiddos running around while we try to finish up school,  our God is  in control and He knows what is best for everyone here.  He loves and cares for our hearts.  He is not out to destroy the Him in us. 

I will start with what He is doing and how we see His hand! 

He is moving in our 4 children.  I have seen them take initiative and move in the spirit more than ever.  They are showing that they are a part, and no matter what the sacrifice, they are giving love and committment.

*  Mark has computer work.  Just needs the hours to do it! 

*  God is cleaning house.  He will accept nothing less than whole hearted devotion and sincere committment to raising Godly children. 

*  A dividing wall has been brought down. 

*  We are desparate for Him.

Let me give some very specific prayer requests:

*  Gerardo.    He is running fever most days, and will have another transfusion today.  Mark took him at 3am this morning to be there by 6 am (in Teguc.).    We need to see the infection cleared up, his blood counts to be normal, and for the kidney to be rescesitated.    We also need help in his transport.  With Antonio gone, the trip comes to Mark or I , 3 times a week, many times with different circumstances that make it to where we can't take a bus.  So far Mark is doing it so that I can do school, but this means that his computer work is not getting done (and you know what that means).  Neither of us want him to be with a stranger, but the truth is we need help. 

*  Mark.  For his heart to know the comfort of the Father.  For the stress to be taken off of his shoulders and mind.  For him to be able to get enough hours of sleep.  

* Help.  We need help.  We have someone sleeping in the house with the boys (so thankful), but other than that , everything is ours.    I am still homeschooling, so it is very difficult to be in two houses in the same time and make sure that the boys are safe, playing nicely, and being obedient.  Little guys are out of school right now.  So, basically, we need a person to love and care for the boys in the day.  Not someone to babysit, but to give care.  They don't have to be the parents,  we are here, but we need help.   Also regarding house cleaning, laundry, logistics, we may need to let go who we have and have another person.  Still praying and considering. 

*Direction!!!!!  Wisdom!!!!!!

* Fernando and David.  Both are struggling with making good choices and anger.  We are very concerned about their futures here. 

*  Financial provision.   With medical expenses and needing to hire more people (houseworker and farm manager) funds are needed.   We are praying for more people to  give on a monthly basis. 

That should keep you praying for a while!!!






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