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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2010-06-28 09:56:53
Subject: Another One Rides the Bus

It's an adventure every day using mass transit in Honduras. Last week we saw a decapitated body and witnessed the passing of multiple barf bags after children consumed Honduran versions of breakfast burritos purchased from street vendors. Happy to say there are no children on the bus this morning. We were pulled over by the national police and all men were commanded to exit the bus for identification check and frisked for weapons. I still don't get the hub-bub of the Arizona law. We hadn't even broken any laws but we were searched anyway. Of course, today is the anniversary of Mel being removed from office so police and military are on high alert.

Saturday we celebrated Timothy's 9th birthday. The really wonderful part was that the entire original crew was there. Walter and Rolman had their first weekend pass in at least a month. After the rough week of losing close friends and re-adjusting to an ultra-full house It felt like a bonafide family reunion as I looked around the tables and saw all of the boys.

Hannah and John went to what's called "SST", put on by friends of ours as part of a YWAM (Youth With a Mission) leadership training for youth. I couldn't even venture a guess as to what SST means aside from Hannah and John being away from us for two weeks. Good thing is they are just down the road from us and we can see them. Paula and Faith made cookies yesterday and we brought some to them. I was happy to see that the two of them were actually sitting together. John has been stretching his wings for the better part of a year now, drawing closer to friends and peers, but spending less time with brother and sisters.

We came here 4.5 years ago and I spent the first 5 months searching for Internet, of any kind, to be installed at the farm so I could work. Here I sit on a bus traveling down the highway, AND I'M CONNECTED! I would not have believed it was possible. We're definitely not "3G", but it gets the job done.

So it's another day with Gerardo and dialysis. I lost one of my contracts, at least temporarily, as the client shifts their limited finances from quality assurance into new development. It's a small company but I have a history of trust with some of the employees and managers. So while I need to get more contract work to fill the gap in funding, the pressure is off with respect to time required working; obviously or I wouldn't be journaling right now.

Another boarding passenger just passed by, using my laptop screen as a hand-rail support. Going to shut'er down for now.

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