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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2010-08-01 16:43:32
Subject: Negative Overhead

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

         I am happy to report that, thanks to the computer work I've been blessed with this year, every dollar that our supporters give goes directly to helping the poor in Honduras. In fact, late last year we became net contributors to the ministry that the Lord has entrusted us with. The Information Age has opened doors for some missionaries to help abroad without constantly having to travel back home in order to raise support.

        Thanks for your prayers to open doors of opportunity in order to utilize my computer skills. I have not done a complete accounting of what we earn versus what we need to spend in order to live here, but it looks like we are currently using about 50% of what we earn with my programming work to support the children and workers, while we live on the other half. So, your donations go directly to helping the people that need it the most. Your donations provide jobs, educate, feed and provide medical care for the people of Honduras.

        Meanwhile, we are looking at investing some of the donations into the farm in order to help more people in the near future. We are looking at buying a small tractor, which would make the farm much more productive. We are also trying to rent a bulldozer in order to excavate a new pond to irrigate in the dry months as well as provide room for more fish. At the same time we are open to providing a home to two more young children.

      I can't always promise that I will be blessed with abundant work, just as nobody's job is secure. But for the last 10 months, the Lord has sent enough work my way to live on as well as pay down the loan on the house built for us on the ministry. Of course the home ultimately belongs to the ministry. Over the course of construction of the home, $28,000 was borrowed to get the home into a ready state. The loan now sits at $9800, seven months after we moved in.

     We try to be very frugal in the way we live because:

  • We were raised that way. (Kudos to my late grandmother, whom passed away in May; a product of the Great Depression.)
  • We don't want people to stumble regarding our standard of living.
  • We can help more people.

      So that's the financial state of things here. Please pray that the work will continue to be sufficient to support our own family as well as help the children and families we seek to help. Please also pray that the Lord will send two children that will be receptive to a good education and solid family living.

Kind regards,

      Marcos in Honduras

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