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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2010-08-01 17:07:04
Subject: Stranger than Truth

You've heard it said that "truth is stranger than fiction". I believe this to be true and my theory is that fiction is limited by man's imagination, whereas truth is unbounded by God's imagination.

Well, I'm here to tell you that I've found something stranger.

It's dialysis day and although Gerardo was already at the hospital for high blood pressure, John and I made the trip to bring him some things and visit with him. Unfortunately, he did not get to come home with us today.

So John and I are trekking back to the home front in a full bus. We were almost the last to enter the bus, so here we sit in the fold out aisle seats. I'm not sure about the justice of the seating arrangements as John is sitting between two, skinny, frail looking elderly Hondurans while I am sandwiched between a couple of hefties (I'm banking on the fact that they don't read English at risk of life and limb). Probably has something to do with clean living. So my 16" wide seat has been reduced to 10". You can imagine my large frame positioned diagonally in an effort to breathe and type on a rickety, shared seat.

Now we get to the strange part. One of the women seated next to me was reading some kind of pamphlet that caught my eye long enough to digest some of its contents. Before long, she fell asleep and as I read on, I understood why. The literature was a plea to support a cause for the fight for human rights with a new angle. You see, the writer was trying to raise funds so that he could focus establishing relationships with Martians and other extraterrestrials so that they would take up the cause of the poor whenever they visit our world. I'm not making this up.

Perceived truth based on fiction seems to be a little bit stranger than truth at the moment.

We live in a strange world and at the moment it seems I live in an even stranger country. I wanted to look up a verse for you, but my Bible link is failing at the moment as we meander through the mountain roads.The verse I was looking for says something about the cross being foolish to the world. In some ways, it's too simple; we need salvation and Jesus gave that to us through his sacrifice on the cross. But if you dig deeper into God's Word, you will eventually conclude that the depth of his wisdom is not finite. We live on a planet where we expect everything to come in a shallow, pretty, disposable package. Rather than read the words He left for us, we might expect someone else to present it to us; or worse, we rapidly embrace teaching that is not the least bit based on the truth.

Ahh, one of my favorite sites ( finally loaded. Here was the verse I was looking for:

1  Corinthians 1:18
[ Christ the Wisdom and Power of God ]  For the message of the cross  is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are  being saved it is the power of God.

Well, the battery is running low, so I hope to post while still operational. Pray for Gerardo's recovery and that he will get to come home on Friday.

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re: Stranger than Truth  by Mike Jones on Thursday August 05, 2010

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