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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2010-08-25 11:07:33
Subject: Bajando Presion

Good morning to all.

Gerardo is still in the hospital after surgery to remove his new kidney. The doctor determined that his body had rejected his new kidney, and was therefore causing fevers and high blood pressure. He is able to get around now, but the doctor will not release him until his blood pressure falls. He is "bajando presion" (lowering pressure). Paula or I go about every other day for visits and at times we are told he is to be released, so we spend the night in the hospital in his room. Thankfully he is the only patient in his room, which isn't really a patient room. A couple of hospital beds were set up in the nurses lounge to accomodate over crowding.

My mother is visiting us right now. I'm sure she's bored stiff. One of her favorite things to do is go to the grocery stores when she is at her own home. Here, you can walk every aisle of our only grocery store in about 45 seconds. We are thankful to have a place for Mom to sleep in now. Before our new home, she had to stay out in the little house next door to the older boys, whom she shared a bathroom with.

I finally finished writing the book. It is being edited right now. I expect to have it back from the editor in three weeks. I've looked at a few different publishing options. All of it is foreign to me. Amazon has a few publishing options and I will probably go there rather than trying to get distributed to book stores, where it would be lost in a sea of other books. At least in Amazon I can promote it from here. So, if birthdays or Christmas come along and you've no idea what to buy for a gift, have I got a suggestion for you!

At the moment I have two 3 day/week jobs and another short term job that takes up my nights. I am so thankful the Lord has shined on us so that money is not such a big deal. We still have the ugliest vehicles, outdated, broken phones, and a porch that is more like a moat, but we could upgrade if our priorities were different.

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