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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2010-09-02 17:14:39
Subject: General Update

Dear Friends,

       I just left the hospital after visiting with Gerardo a short time. We had just enough time for him to beat me in Monopoly. We were hoping he might play with some of the other kids in his room but he says they don't understand the game. We did buy the Spanish version but Monopoly is probably still a bit on the foreign side in an economy of mostly have-nots.

      Here are some photos of the room Gerardo is staying in:





When I went to buy his medicine and a snack he always enjoys receiving, I really had a burden for the other children and parents in the room. Some of the children have both parents but I'm thinking that most do not based on statistics. I wanted to buy something for them all but I can't just run off and ignore the different dietary constraints of each patient. Not all of the children are kidney patients. While I was in the pharmacy across the street I saw bottles of Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo. As with most hygenic and cosmetic items, they were behind locked cabinets. Such things are expensive here after a hefty import tax is added.

My mother is sending us a care package including school books for this year at the Colbath Academy of Higher Learning. I would love it if we could receive a few dozen small bottles of baby shampoo (a Walmart clone is fine), some Ivory soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste and some small toy for young children for each patient in the room. The toy or game has to be something they could play in the hospital while in their beds, so that really limits things. Other than visiting with parents, the children have absolutely nothing else to do. There's not even a television although in this country, that's a good thing. The other thing I would like to give each parent is $26 (500 Lempiras) to help cover costs of medicine and hospital care. I feel very strongly about this; so if nobody else can bless these children and families, I feel compelled to do it myself. If you are interested in sharing in the blessing, please send a $35 donation to the normal place:

Lighthouse Missions
Post Office Box 621
Mandan, ND  58554

PLEASE write Colbath on the memo portion of your check and make the check payable to Lighthouse Missions. Please email me after you do this. Unless you say otherwise, I want to post the names of donors and a photo next to each person to receive the gift.

Paula spends each weekend in Tegucigalpa visiting Gerardo. The nurses believe he should be home because he is happier and blood pressure comes down when he is with us. The doctor, of course, wants to medicate his problems away; her plan is not working very well.

My mother just finished a visit with us and has returned home. Now she is preparing to journey back up to Massachusetts to help clean up/out my late grandmother's home. Seems like life doesn't slow even after you retire and reach your 70's. Sorry about age dropping, Mom.  She returned home Monday Night to make my sister a birthday with 50 candles. Strange to think that even one of my siblings has reached that age. Not sorry about spilling the beans on your age, sister.


My manuscript is being edited right now, with an estimated completion date of mid September. A did receive a positive critique from an independent agency, so it's up to a different agent to pitch the book to publishers once the book is edited. I plan to publish on Amazon this month unless the agent says otherwise. Bet you find it very difficult to believe that my writing would require any type of editing.


Happy Thursday,


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