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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2010-09-27 22:54:36
Subject: Forgot to put in first journal...

John, he really needs our prayer and we need wisdom.  He is in considerable pain.  It is his joints (as before we lived here) and headaches.  We went to a private hospital in San Pedro Sula, had a sleep study, tried to have an MRI (couldn't because of braces on his teeth), and saw a neurologist.  Basically they don't have a clue.   Haven't found a reputable chiropractor, as this is something that brought him great relief when we lived in the states.  Honestly he has been suffering a long time and just hadn't been as vocal as most would be.  We thought it was teenagerdom or the hurt from the couple that worked with us (he was very close to the man and the brother).  The relational hurt is significant, but so is his physical pain.  So please pray for him and for us to go through the right doors. 


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