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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2010-10-03 12:54:29
Subject: Just a bit about hope....

This week Gerardo decided he was going to plant a small garden where we could see it from our house.  I had talked about how I would like to have a little one where I could see it.  I had no intentions of it really being done, but he picked up on it.   He picked a little patch by the fruit trees, it can be seen out of our side sliding glass door and from the kitchen windows.    He went out and hoed it up all by himself. The soil was beautiful and black.   He got the tiller and everyone stood by and watched as he man handled the tiller to till up the soil.  Then all the kids joined in to make rows, Carlitos standing watch.  He came in, picked out his seeds, and went back and planted them.   

The first time he went out to hoe up the area  I cried my eyes out, watching him while I did the dishes.   I thought about the hope he must have inside to want to do the physical labor and wait for the plants to produce.  

I remember when I found out I was pregnant with Faith I planted a rose bush.   I planted it as a symbol of the hope I felt, the joy of knowing I would see this precious baby born.     Several years later I had a miscarriage,  I remember I planted another rose bush, a symbol of the hope I felt about seeing this child in heaven.  

I am so grateful for the hope Gerardo has.  I pray he will see his celery, butternut squash, and green beans produce a bountiful harvest. 


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