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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2010-10-10 22:12:36
Subject: Not So Official Survey

After a highly accurate, coordinated surveying effort by the boys, Faith and I this afternoon, it was calculated that we actually are sitting on about a third of the land we were told comprised the farm. The deed even says just over 18 manzanas (literal translation apples, but also a unit measurement of land). A manzana is roughly 1.7 acres. What we actually have contained within the fences is roughly 7 manzanas or 12 acres. 18 manzanas is about 31 acres. I was suspicious of the deed after pacing off our largest field and determining that it was less than an acre.

Needless to say, you can't support a lot of cattle on 12 acres. We've been struggling to feed the 17 cows and calves that we own for about a year. Rather than continue to try to keep adult cows fed on too little land, we're going to introduce the "feed out" business to this area. Most beef in Honduras is extremely lean because there's really not enough for the cows to eat. We would like to bring a slightly more American version of beef to the wealthier market. I, in no way, want to inject cows with hormones or stehroids. That is something we did not do in the States when we raised beef cattle there. I would rather just offer slightly more tender, but healthy, beef.

Besides that, we also have a property tax that is based on the land value. Land value is based on land area as well as other factors that we also consider in America. We've been paying taxes on 31 acres instead of 12. Unless there is a significant amount of land outside our fences, the deed is really in error.

Tomorrow Gerardo and I return to Tegucigalpa for dialysis. Wednesday, Hannah will take the PSAT in Tegucigalpa at the "American School". This week is a break for our kids from school. We do school almost the whole year, but do three weeks of school and take a week off.

Got some not so positive feedback about the new book cover and I am thankful for the advice. We are going to release the book on Kindle this week, where covers don't matter. For the paperback, I am waiting on a photographer and actor to shoot and redesign the cover. It will be in the same spirit/theme of first cover, professional salesman look with a wolf shadow, but be much better quality and without infringing any copyrights.

Regarding the current book cover; I did the best with what Amazon had to offer. They have a few hundred cover images available, but would you believe it? None of the stock photos had salesman near boats with wolf shadows. Sorry folks, but it'll be back soon; better than before. Until then, buy the Kindle version where you won't have to look at ugly book covers. Along those lines, purchasing the same book in different locations brings about different royalty amounts. The most help for the boys home is to buy the book for the Kindle, then there's an "estore", then, then book stores where I may or may not buy sell the book. The royalty ranges anywhere from 65% to 6%, depending on the sales outlet.

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